Our Mission is to show people the best business around!
If You want to be in control, if You want to have maximum information before dealing with some business, if You don't want to get unpleasant surprises, we're here to help You with that.
Karciq! online service was founded in February 2010 to help people find great businesses in Armenia. It covers every type of service in region. Every aspect of each business is rated on 1-5 scale: 5 is the Best. Rating is purely based on society feedback. Everyone can leave his/her opinion as well as can leave his/her subjective rating. Based on this some average will be computed and assigned to given business.
Few things You should know about Karciq!
Karciq! is social web-service which just reflects common opinion about local businesses. There is no way of artificially increase or decrease rating about some business. The only way of increasing it is to provide better quality of service and change public opinion first.
Karciq! does not only reflect commonly shared opinion, but also provides valuable information to business owners who want to improve the quality of their service. We're ready to cooperate with any business and provide advice based on collected opinions.
To contact us as business owner please E-mail to our This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it department.
We work hard to keep our database updated. However, occasionally there may be some old or no more valid information. If You'll find some, please let us know so we can update our database and serve You better. Also there may be missing services about which You want to leave feedback. We will be happy to update our database to reflect Your needs. Just let us know!
To contact us about adding new information or updating existing one please E-mail us to our This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it department.
It is FREE! Unlike other Yellow Pages or Business Directory sites we gladly accept all requests for adding listings, and we guarantee to process request in no more than 5 business days. Listing either will be added, or we will contact you with explanation why listing has not been added.
We're very interested in receiving feedback about our service and suggestions about improving it and making more friendly. If You have any ideas You want to see as a part of our service, please E-mail us Your This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it We ensure that Your feedback WILL BE considered.
Karciq! is Open Source web-service and we strongly support that movement. We're based on Joomla! and Sobi2 engines. If You want to support Open Source movement, please visit those sites.
More information about Karciq! owned private data You can find in our Privacy Policy.
Currently all advertisements that present on Karciq! web site are FREE. We reserve rights to select which service will be advertised on Karciq! web site and for how long.
We are not restricting society in the way of rating services in our web site. At the same time we're trying to protect ourselves from spammers. We assume that every user will give a vote for some service no more than once a day. Any violation of this assumption may be considered as spam. In case if spamming will be detected we preserve right of removing votes and even blocking spammer IP. We also preserve right of sharing information about spammer with other web services.
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